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Translation the world’ s largest spanish dictionary conjugation conjugations for every spanish verb vocabulary learn vocabulary faster grammar. a praiseworthy quality : virtue. includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function. merit based translation basado en el mérito translated by show more translations word- by- word want to learn spanish? merit translation is " khubi" and merit synonym words deserve, rate and virtue. 12 sınıf matematik ders kitabı alıştırma cevapları dikey yayıncılık.

glosberesearch marapat. translations in context of " merit cross" in english- italian. merit definition, claim to respect and praise; excellence; worth. here are many translated example sentences containing " merit cross" - english- italian translations and search engine for english translations. the argument seemed to have considerable merit. thus, grammar translation method in language teaching: grammar- cum translation method is a classical or oldest method which emphasis on grammar and translation. balık avı oyuncak. britannica dictionary definition of merit. l' argument semblait particulièrement pertinent. translation of merit in english. to have merit [ idea] avoir du mérite → now, mr.

她的想法很有價值。 brierley' s book has the merit of being both informative and readable. when you first started learning english, you may have memorized words such as: english meaning of the word “ merit” ; but now that you have a better understanding of the language, there’ s a better way for you to learn meaning of “ merit” through sentence examples. جدارة arabic discuss this merit english translation with the community:. les propositions avaient du mérite. and in this method the importance gives to grammar, student memorize the rules of grammar by rote, and students learn easily. more examples related phrases for merit medal for merit מדליית הצטיינות. merit verb merited, has merited, is meriting, merits היה ראוי, היה זכאי, הגיע לו example sentences of merit verb both ideas merit further consideration.

his good work merits a raise. individual merit as a basis for election to political office. " it can be gained in a number of ways. and i found father maher' s testimony to be strikingly without merit.

la - online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar toggle navigation share. human translations with examples: υποθ, υποθ, english, theta pi, δοκιμή βασιμότητας. merit translated from english to dutch including synonyms, definitions, and related words. merit: [ noun] reward or punishment due. ɪt / c1 formal the merit translate quality of being good and deserving praise 優點; 價值; 功績 an entertaining film with little artistic merit 一部有趣但藝術價值不高的電影 her ideas have merit. contextual translation of " merit" into greek. look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. look up the english to german translation of merit in the pons online dictionary. merit verb noun something deserving either good or bad recognition.

( valeur personnelle) merit avancement au mérite promotion on merit récompenser le mérite de qn to give sb their deserved reward ( = avantage, atout) ( solutions ou options que l' on compare) virtue avoir le mérite de to have the virtue of. translate merit in english online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. merit in hungarian - english- hungarian dictionary | glosbe merit verb noun something deserving either good or bad recognition. she had no difficulties with the legal. this page provides all possible translations of the word merit in the arabic language. + 22 definitions translations merit add megérdemel verb although you might consider that recent successes merit a glass of bubbly? ( advantage, worth) a. el mérito ( m) the merits of peace las ventajas de la paz to judge something on its merits juzgar algo por sus méritos in order of merit según los méritos transitive verb 2.

it is an online system used to record and recognize the growth and achievements of the early learning field statewide. merit is essentially " good karma. mérite nm [ + initiative, action] credit le mérite lui en revient. 布賴爾利的書兼具內容豐富和可讀性強的優點。 the merits of sth. a direct result of this tragedy was the pendleton act in 1883, which sought to make entry into the service dependent on merit rather than on reward. beca nacional al mérito del gobierno de la india por excelencia académica. merit, determined by testing and continuous evaluation merit translate at every stage of a career. human translations with examples: érdem, érdem, érdemjószág, tenyészérték, lehívási sorrend, merit janow.

habár a jelen siker talán megérdemel egy pohár pezsgőt. romanian english suggestions: merita o merit translation of " merit" in english merit credit earn worth it deserving worthy of earned it i deserve i' m worth i' ve earned i' m worthy i earned și am considerat mărturia tatăl complet fără merit. many of these involve interaction between the sangha and the laity. el programa nacional de becas de mérito 2. your idea had merit. learn the translation for ‘ merit’ in leo’ s english ⇔ german dictionary. one could argue that it saved the ship. merit is the workforce registry and official system of record for early learning professionals in washington state. it is an economical approach.

ameritar ( latin america) we hardly merit a mention in the reportapenas nos mencionan en el informe or. pronunciation roman urdu is " khubi" and translation of merit in urdu writing script is خوبی. translate texts with the world' s best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of linguee. with noun/ verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and relevant forum discussions free vocabulary trainer. the qualities or actions that constitute the basis of one' s deserts. he deserves all the credit for this. جدارة arabic zásluha czech verdienst german mérito spanish شایستگی persian ansio finnish mérite french jasa indonesian merito italian 価値 japanese 장점 korean verdienste dutch zaleta, zasługa polish mérito portuguese заслуга russian förtjänst swedish บุ ญ thai. translation of merit – english– spanish dictionary merit verb formal uk / ˈmer· ɪt/ us / ˈmer· ɪt/ to be important enough to get attention or punishment merecer her crimes were serious enough to merit a prison sentence. the national merit scholarship program 2. konut kredisi güncel faiz oranları 2013.

[ + object] : to deserve ( something, such as attention or good treatment) by being important or good. translation for word merit in tagalog is : merito definitions and meaning of merit in tagalog noun galing skill mastery recovery invulnerability merit ability gantimpala reward prize merit remuneration award recompense grasya grace blessing merit kahusayan reliability excellence proficiency merit skill quality. similar words of merit are also commonly used in daily talk like as meritorious, meritedly and meritoriousness. spanish learning for everyone. qui rendrait son expulsion contraire à l' article 3. contextual translation of " merit" into hungarian. + 22 definitions translations merit add halaga noun to be sure, this confucian code of conduct has its merits. italian translation of “ merit” | the official collins english- italian dictionary online. ] concept of state crimes as defined in draft article 19. acting in a moral manner, teaching the proper belief, preaching, and chanting also gain an individual merit. merit noun formal uk / ˈmer· ɪt/ us / ˈmer· ɪt/ good qualities that deserve praise mérito his ideas have merit.

for example, when a lay person gives a monk food, they gain merit. → he didn' t want to acknowledge that woods' s latest idea had any merit the proposals had some merit. it merit translate makes no sense in a world that bases reward on merit alone, but our god operates on a different level. merit" translation into polish en " merit" in polish volume_ up merit { v. la arrow_ drop_ down bab. this page provides all possible translations of the word merit in almost any language. } pl volume_ up zasłużony volume_ up merits { pl} pl volume_ up zalety zasługi volume_ up technical merit mark { noun} pl volume_ up.

over 100, 000 italian translations of english words and phrases. look up the english to polish translation of merit in the pons online dictionary. élection aux fonctions politiques sur la base du mérite individuel. merit verb merited, has merited, is meriting, merits היה ראוי, היה זכאי, הגיע לו example sentences of merit verb both ideas merit further consideration. both ideas merit further consideration. } pl volume_ up zasłużyć zasługiwać na volume_ up merit { noun} pl volume_ up zaleta zasługa wartość wyróżnienie volume_ up merited { adj. merit - translation to irish gaelic and irish gaelic audio pronunciation of translations: see more in new english- irish dictionary from foras na gaeilge.

ɪt / us / ˈmer. these issues merit special attention. translation of " merit" in spanish. translation for ' merit' in the free english- dutch dictionary and many other dutch translations. walang- alinlangang ang tuntuning ito ni confucius sa paggawi ay may halaga. glosbewordalignmentrnd kiérdemel verb. she did well enough to merit a second interview. aici stă marele merit al spectacolului.

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